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Our Programs

Experience our one-of-a-kind unique program that supports all individuals with diverse abilities!

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Community Programs

Bringing innovative and personalized classes into the communities!

Partnering with numerous organizations, community centers, private programs and more, we further promote equality for both children and adults with diverse abilities by creating more opportunities for their skills to shine over their disability labels.

School District Program

We bring our interactive programs directly into your classroom!

We have partnered with the Surrey School District since Spring 2016 and have had multiple successes with the students in the program. Students are thrilled to learn new skills and engage with our instructors and their peers. Our experienced instructors adapt choreography to integrate students of all abilities at all levels! Having students that are physically or developmentally delayed actively engaged in our program is a delight for both peers and teachers to see and something we pride ourselves in!

Dansing Tones Classes

Fun, engaging classes that are tailored for every ability at every age!

Our individualized classes create an empowering environment where students can challenge themselves and grow in their creative talents. By meeting students at their level, we can build on their abilities and show them the unlimited capabilities they can achieve.

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