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Experience our one-of-a-kind unique program that supports all individuals with diverse abilities!


AGES 3-6

An engaging and interactive class that works on gross motor and fine motor skills as well as attention skills. 

Move n'Groove

AGES 7-10

An interactive class where we work on basic dance skills and are start learning to piece together choreography.

ramp it up

teens & adults

This class is best suited for individuals with walkers or balance issues. The class runs at a low to mid level pace and serves as a great introductory class for most individuals. We focus on a mix of gross motor and fine motor skills with an emphasis on helping individuals be more independent with their movements.


AGES 1-2

A fun class for parents & babies to connect and grow together. Parents & grandparents are welcome.

ROCK n' Roll

teens & Adults

This class is best suited for individuals with wheelchairs or individuals who require one-to-one support. This class focuses on a mix of gross motor and fine motor
skills with an emphasis of gearing individuals to being more independent with their movements.


teens & Adults

This class would best be suited for individuals who are able to fully independent with
movement and can follow/ mimic movements.  The class runs at a mid to high level pace and serves as a great class for individuals who
would like to challenge themselves.

dansing tones private classes

Private Classes
Pre-Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in our program. We have received your application and will be in touch with you in the next few days to give you the next steps.

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