Experience our one-of-a-kind unique program that supports all individuals with diverse abilities!


AGES 3-6

An engaging and interactive class that works on gross motor and fine motor skills as well as attention skills. 

Move n'Groove

AGES 7-10

An interactive class where we work on basic dance skills and are start learning to piece together choreography.

ramp it up

teens & adults

This class is best suited for individuals with walkers or balance issues. The class runs at a low to mid level pace and serves as a great introductory class for most individuals. We focus on a mix of gross motor and fine motor skills with an emphasis on helping individuals be more independent with their movements.


AGES 1-2

A fun class for parents & babies to connect and grow together. Parents & grandparents are welcome.

ROCK n' Roll

teens & Adults

This class is best suited for individuals with wheelchairs or individuals who require one-to-one support. This class focuses on a mix of gross motor and fine motor
skills with an emphasis of gearing individuals to being more independent with their movements.


teens & Adults

This class would best be suited for individuals who are able to fully independent with
movement and can follow/ mimic movements.  The class runs at a mid to high level pace and serves as a great class for individuals who
would like to challenge themselves.

dansing tones private classes

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